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In Jönköping or Jerusalem

We are looking for all kinds of people, with all sorts of skills. To create all sorts of technical solutions, in all possible places. So that people all over the world can expect a better tomorrow. We know you have the skills to come up with the solutions. But where do you want to contribute to a better tomorrow?

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Get ready for a better tomorrow, today

The reasons for looking for a new job are many. We are proud of our company culture, where we make sure to notice and make good use of the power and skill that our employees bring every day. That’s why we are confident that we will be able to “tick” some of your boxes as you search for a new job, a new start.

Are you passionate, driven, like to get things done and want to work at a company where everything revolves around creating a better tomorrow: for customers, for each other and for the world around us? If this is you, we can offer you a workplace where we will make room for your experience and competence as well as your passion and ambition.

Expect a better tomorrow

It is through our commitment and dedication that we can make a difference. We are proactive and are constantly looking for new solutions. And by working on interesting projects with forward-thinking customers, we grow both as individuals and as a company. What does it take to be able to promise a better tomorrow?

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Engineering the digital revolution

The need for new technology and digital applications is increasing everywhere and we are now investing even more in developing solutions for a better and more digital tomorrow. And we constantly need skilled, creative people to join us in the digital revolution. Read more about how we work with digitalisation, innovative connectivity, sustainable infrastructure, electrification and industry 4.0.

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Our experts for a better tomorrow

What drives our employees and what is their take on their role as experts for a better tomorrow? You find them all over the world and although their assignments may differ, what they have in common is the will to improve and optimize things. Get to know some of our experts for a better tomorrow.

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Partnership for a better tomorrow

You can have your own small company and still be a part of the Sigma team. As a Sigma Partner, you get access to our global strength. We can promise you a partnership with exciting assignments only accessible to larger companies. What is impossible as a one-, or few-person company becomes possible when you partner up with us at Sigma. Besides access to top-shelf assignments, we give you personal support, take care of administration and let you focus on delivering your expertise and competence.

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We care about each other and the world around us

We believe that we have a responsibility for, not only those who work with us but also those we work for. And since we are such a wide and varied mix of people with different backgrounds, and roots from all corners of the world, we involve ourselves in social concerns and people in the world around us.

Read more about our involvement and social commitments that we hope will contribute to a better tomorrow.

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Are you the one?

Share your name and e-mail here to register your CV and you are well on the way to a future career with us at Sigma.

We want to become twice as good!

We at Sigma are convinced that technology and engineering are the solutions to a more earth-friendly tomorrow. But there is a shortage of technical skills and well-trained engineers. We want to help change this. The most natural thing is to get more girls to choose technology and engineering as their professions. There is now an imbalance in the number of men and women in both universities and companies. If we are to be twice as good then we must be able to recruit and gain insight from the entire population, not just from half of it.

Read more about our initiative Femmegineering, which aims to see a lot more girls choose a technology and engineering career.

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