Personal data and privacy protection within the Sigma Group


The Sigma companies (hereinafter jointly referred to as “we” or “us”), respect your privacy and the right to maintain control over your personal data. Our guiding principles are simple. We will be transparent about which data we collect and why.

The Sigma Group is a collaborative business group with local drive and decentralised management. This means that each Sigma company individually processes personal data for its individual activities. Processing of personal data is similar within the group, however that there are applications that are unique for certain companies and purposes. The Sigma company that is responsible for the processing of your personal data, is the controller and is responsible for ensuring that processing takes place in accordance with current legislation. You should therefore refer to the respective Sigma company’s own home page, and to the Sigma company you have a relationship with, to find out their policy and their processing of personal data.

Insofar as you register for any of our services, databases, apps, or use a website that is administered by us, there may be specific terms and conditions that apply. Such services and databases can be unique for one Sigma company, but also used jointly by several companies in collaboration. Further terms and conditions are presented in conjunction with usage or registration of relevant service.

This document shall serve as a general comprehensive information depicting which kind of personal data that may be processed within the Sigma companies, for what purpose, on which legal basis, and where to direct any questions.

Personal data we collect

Primarily we obtain data from you directly on the basis of the relationship that we have with you. You can be a contact person with one of our customers, contractors, and/or partners, or even sub-consultants, jobseekers and/or students. In short, people who we interact with within the context of our business, or process personal data for as part of managing our relationship. Examples of personal data that we process are your name and your contact details such as mobile phone number and e-mail address. We may also update your information from other public records, such as via the Swedish Companies Registration Office, SPAR, etc. if it is deemed necessary, in order to maintain an updated and correct registry.

We may also register personal data when you interact digitally with us, in connection with:

How we use information that we have collected

We process your personal data according to the relevant purpose and the relevant relationship you may or may wish to have with us, and this varies depending on whether you are a customer, partner, jobseeker, scholar, contractor, representative of a government agency/municipality etc.

We process personal data primarily for the purposes stated below:

A high level of security and confidentiality is always ensured when processing personal data, as well as appropriate levels of technical and organizational measures, based on relevant risk and sensitivity.

Cookies and Pixel Tags

The following is a description of how we use certain technologies to collect information about visits to and use of our website, ("the Website").

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Information that may be disclosed

Within the context of our company-group collaboration, we may share your personal data to companies within our group which we deem is of interest and relevance for the business relationship we have with your employer and/or yourself. We may further share personal data with service providers that assist us in fulfilling the purposes of our data processing. Such providers offer IT-related services and marketing services unless otherwise informed. If you are self-employed consultant or a job-applicant, information may also be disclosed to third-party customers/partners, as part of our mission to find assignments for you.

We only collaborate with partners processing personal data within the EU//EEA, or with companies that maintain the same level of protection as within the EU/EEA, by using EU standard agreements.

Legal basis

By submitting information to us, you grant us permission to register and store information concerning the service used, as well as processing the specified personal data for the specified purposes. We process your personal data based on the need to fulfil our legal obligations, for our legitimate interests, and – if applicable- on the basis of your consent. In the majority of cases, our processing of personal data is conducted as a natural result of our care-taking of our relationship with your employer – or with you directly – meaning that such is done on the basis of our legitimate interest. Further information on the legal basis for company-specific processing purposes and local services, are provided by the relevant Sigma-company regarding information.

In some cases you are requested to give your consent for us to process your personal data for a particular purpose. By clicking on the "I agree" button on our website, or in any of our digital services, or give your consent in a similar way, you agree that your personal data, such as your name, phone number and e-mail address, may be used for the relevant purpose described in connection with your provided consent.

Storage and screening of personal data

The processing is conducted in accordance with current legislation, which also means that personal data is not retained for a longer period than necessary for the purpose of the processing. We will store your personal data as long as you remain an active and potential customer, supplier (including sub-consulting partner or jobseeker), or a cooperative partner to us. If our relationship has ceased and/or it is not considered reasonable to re-activate it, we shall delete your information. Such reviews take place periodically and usually at least once a year. Unless we specifically indicate otherwise in any relevant terms, or obtain your specific approval, the personal data associated with individuals who have been inactive in its relationship with us for a consecutive period of 3 years, will be deleted.

Some information may be for retained longer due to other legal requirements, for example the Swedish Accounting Act.

Your rights and choice

You have rights with regard to your personal data and you have the possibility to influence our processing of your data. On your and/or our own or partners’ initiative, we will correct data that are discovered to be erroneous. You can also request for your data to be deleted or for its use to be limited, by contacting us (for contact methods, please see the title “How to contact us” below). If you consider that your rights have not been respected by us, you can always contact us or the Swedish Data Protection Authority. You are further entitled to obtain a copy of the personal data you have provided to us in an electronic standard format, and to transfer such data to another data controller (data portability) as relevant. You are also entitled to object to the processing of your personal data that is made on the basis of a Sigma company’s legitimate interest. If so, we must demonstrate compelling legitimate reasons that carry more weight than your interests, rights and freedoms to continue the processing.

You may at any time refrain from receiving marketing communications from us, by updating your account settings under “My Pages” (or similar) and by clicking on “unsubscribe” on any e-mail and text message that we send you. Furthermore, you are always welcomed to contact us in order to receive help in declining further communication from us.

You may obtain information concerning which personal details are registered, by requesting in writing a register excerpt from us (for contact methods, see the heading "How to contact us").

Links to other websites

In the event that our website contains links to third-party websites, homepages, or material published by a third party, then these links are only for information purposes. As we have no control over the content of these websites, or their material, we are not responsible for their content. On the same basis, we are not responsible for any damages or losses that may arise from the use of these links.

How to contact us

For further information concerning personal data management, or if you have any questions, you are requested primarily to get in touch with your contact person(s) at the relevant Sigma company. If you have no such designated contact person, or no known relationship with any Sigma company, you are welcome to contact us at the following address:

Sigma AB
To: Data Protection Officer
Dockplatsen 1
211 19 Malmö

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